GenZe by Mahindra

GenZe by Mahindra
GenZe exists because we believe in sustainable transportation for a better world. With growing urban areas, and increased transit needs, our current transportation options are not sustainable. Zero emissions cannot be a choice, but an imperative. Our name (pronounced just like you’d say Gen X or Gen Y) stands for Generation Zero Emissions.
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Model: GenZe 2.0s

Gross Weight: 232 Lbs. 

Battery: 51.2V 2.0 kWh nominal Removable Li-Ion baery pack

Motor: Brushless permanent magnet hub motor

Speed: 30mph

Climbing Angle: 20% grade

Acceleration 0 to 30mph: < 10 sec

Driving Distance: 30miles

Charge: 110v ac 5 amps




Electric scooter analysis due to request

Electric power train: hub motor