For QS Motor

After service for Sample and quantity production motor

1. Warranty period: one year and three months (since the date of manufacture) or after riding 15000KM.

2. Warranty coverage : ex-factory quality problem.

3. In order to ensure proper operation, please read the user’s manual carefully in advance. If problems caused by the customer’s wrong operation, we cannot cover the cost of maintenance. We could offer maintenance scheme if you need help.

4. Destructive testing is not included in the warranty scope. If you need repair to it, you have to cover all maintenance costs (include fro shipping cost, maintenance cost, customs clearance fee, customs duties and so on). The damage caused by installation and bad working condition(for example: work eight hours at stretch every day, terrible road conditions, extreme condition e.g. over voltage using). In that case, we cannot provide warranty, but we can sell the spare parts for you to  replace. Definition of bad  working condition  Over  voltage  using:  For  example,  the   rated speed of the 10inch 3000W hub motor80km/h@72V condition. In order  to  speed  up  to 106km/h, someone would like to  increase  the voltage to 96V. Bad road condition: Obvious uneven road, hills, muddy road, serious water-logging road etc. Other situations: Motor continuous climbing/over load exceed 6 hours; motor driving above80km for a long time etc..

5. There is no warranty committed in the following sequence.

A. The damage or issues caused by user who dis-assemble motor and change spare parts authorized.

B. The damage or problems caused by force majeure.

6. We supply 10% spare parts for bulk buying motor. E.g. hall sensor, hall plug and so on.

7. We will provide after sale service according to the motor serial number and anti-counterfeiting

mark on the motor. So please keep them clearly, and offer the serial number and photo, video to us if any problem for motors.

8. The damage caused by violence of international transport (damaged condition refer to below

points Before you sign the receive confirmation of express, please check the package box at first. If the packing box is broken, please keep on file with photo. Then open the carton and check the motor. If the motor was damaged, take photos of the detail and contact express members and us within 24

hours. If the outer packing is intact, but the motor was damaged already, please follow the steps above. We will provided a specific solution after received the feedback. Please mentioned that the valid feedback can’t exceed 24 hours after you signed for confirmation. Or we may hard to afford the loss. We can offer a maintenance plan for you if you not on time.

9. Taizhou QS motor Co., Ltd. Reserve all the rights for the final explanation.

10. We will not bear the extra loss that caused by maintain motor .E.g. Time loss

Damaged situation:

1. Slight damage of the appearance(E.g. paint loss, scratch)

Painting if the damage not affect the performance of product.

2. Wheel rim out of the shape

2.1 Caused by customer: customer cover all the maintenance cost(include to and fro shipping cost, change wheel and magnet cost, customs clearance fee, customs duties and so on).

2.2 Caused by fragile package: please contact express members a sap. After we get the feedback

From express company, we can send the wheel rim with magnet to you for replacement, and video for guidance.

2.3 Caused by transportation: please also contact express members a sap. After the express

company confirm a compensate plan, we will send the wheel rim with magnet to you for change, and video for guidance.

3. Outlet wire damages of Axle

3.1 The rubber is broken, while the copper wire is fine(caused by transportation or customers), you can repair it by yourself with black tape.

3.2 The rubber and copper wires are both broken(especially for the single shaft motor). Please contact with express company immediately. We will supply a brand new stator for you to change according to degree of injury.

4. Hall damages

4.1 One hall is broken, you can use the spare hall (There are two halls for 1000W or above wattage).If both of them are broken, we will guide you how to change the hall.

5. Demagnetization and broken of magnets in hub motor

5.1 The magnets will be demagnetized after 2-3 years use .If the magnet steels are demagnetized           in motor naturally, you could change them by yourself if you know how to do it. Also we could sell the wheel rim with magnets at favorable price for your replacement.

6. Short Circuit of motor

6.1 We will guide you to find the reason. If you cannot test it, please send it back.(Before we find out the reason, the shipping cost and custom clearance fee need to paid by customer at first).

After checked by factory or by yourself(which followed with our guidance; if you checked it by yourself and didn’t follow our suggestions, we are sorry that we cannot make maintenance later), if the  short circuit caused by quality problem, we will bear the shipping cost and maintenance cost in the warranty period. If it caused by use, the buyer need to bear the shipping cost, custom clearance and so on. We bear the maintenance cost only (repair only, not include parts replacement, for example: scraped stator cost.)

7. Internal rusted of motor

7.1 The internal rust is usually caused by the moisture or water of the motor. We can sell corresponding spare parts for you to change.

8. Winding burn

8.1 The winding burn usually caused by improper use. In that case, we can sell the stator for youto change.