SiA Ecosys

SiAEcosys is an industrial and trading enterprise engaged in import and export trade, carrying out domestic and foreign trade, Sino-foreign joint venture, cooperative production and other methods of business, the industry is involved in hardware, automobile and motorcycle wheels, motors, electric, electrical machinery and equipment. The company takes "diligence, quality management, and honest service" as its business philosophy. The products sell well in 45 countries and regions such as Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and America.

Ecological Type

Market Data Support

Based on years of sales data around the world, also refer to exhibition research from all over the world, such as Germany, Italy, America, Korea,Southeast Asia,India so on. We have abundant supply chain in China, combined with the field market visits in various countries, to determine suitable models, performance, cost for customers. To avoid customers in the case of lacking knowledge of the supply chain then to repeated positioning of products, we are a better connection between the supply chain and the market.

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Supplier Information Screening

Based on 5 years of research and cooperation experience with domestic suppliers, we know every suppliers’ characters. We have formed mature suppliers across the country who can provide customized products.Save customers' time to learn about various parts suppliers in China, and find the right partner efficiently.

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Electric Drive System

We have rich experience and strong technology support to analyze and recommend suitable power system, including motor, controller, battery, charger and other kits such as speedometer, disc brake so on. Also support Online and Offline purchase such as Alibaba, Aliexpress, Google so on. As a third party to monitor delivery and quality, reduce communication errors and time quality cost waste, cost savings of up to 30%.

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Samples 3D Design

We could Provide 3D design and solution based on customer requirement, support gasoline vehicle change to electric vehicle, also support design new vehicle aim at one market, support you to establish your own special business in one market. Provide samples test service, provide test result and improvement scheme of project according to customer requirement and product. Make up for the customer's lack of professional testing equipment, inability to obtain perfect data, language and technical knowledge. The test time is about 6-18 months, depending on the situation.

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Technical Team Communication

Through multi-channel technical discussions with customers and their technical teams (such as skype, whatsapp, email), for example, during the visit and inspection factory, different supplier all over the country, SiA arranged all the transportation, accommodation and food for customer, and arranged technical personnel in advance to participate in the communication between customers and suppliers to save time and cost.

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Vehicle Mass Production

After the sample test is successful, we will provide the whole vehicle accessories for mold production and assembly. SiA can ensure the success of a mold, quality and quantity. Open Mold Scheme: 1.Customers and suppliers share equally, suppliers can sell in China, customers in foreign sales. 2.If the customer orders more than 10,000 sets, the open mold cost will be refunded in full. Factory cooperate: UGBEST, Geely.

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After Sales Guarantee

Support online after sales guide, also set up After-sales Service site in Korea, America, India and so on.

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Overseas Personnel Dispatch

Support engineer visit customers and provide technology support at customer local.

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