138 3KW V3 Mid Drive Motor Kits

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Key Features

1). Simplify to make a electric-motorcycle. Gearbox, transmission shaft, clutch are no need. Which save space.

2). It could be installed in the rear to save more space for battery.

3). Support regenerative braking

4). High efficiency: 85~92% 

Product Description

1. QSMOTOR 138 3000W V3Mid drive motor with 15T 428 sprocket adapter

138 V3 PMSM Motor spec.jpg



Test Report


2. EM150-2SP sine wave motor controller with standard CAN-BUS

There is latest new hardware controller, it support 1st 2nd 3rd speed gear, sport mode, reverse mode (no Parking mode), soft start as default.

Drawing for EM150-2sp Controller


Controller Wiring Definition

Same as EM200-2SP


2.2 EM200-2SP sine wave controller with CAN BUS

EM200-2SP is cost effective controller with waterproofing grade IP67, suit for 4-8kW motors.

EM200-2sp SPEC.jpg



Wiring Diagram

For the detail of wiring manual, pls contact our online service.


3. DKD TFT speedometer

The speedometer communicate with controller via CAN BUS, it could display battery voltage at the same time.

So it could match with battery even without CAN communication.

It’s not adjustable by user, we will set parameter below as default.

If you need different settings, please contact with sales before delivery.

·Wheel tire size: 130/70-17

·Pole Pairs: 5

·Gear Ratio: 1: 2.5

·Voltage: 72V (20s Lithium battery)

It displays 1, 2, 3, S, R, P, N gears.

Work Voltage: 12V (pls pay attention, black wire(+12V) need to connect with 12V, cannot connect to battery B+, or the speedometer will get damaged)


Key Features

1. Voltage Power display

2. Speed display

3. Power display

4. Gear display

5. Fault information display

6. Switchable to Night Mode

TFT display.jpg



Cable schematics


4. Z6 throttle with combination switch

With Reverse, Parking button( throttle on/off), 3 slide switch gear, s/boost button, Light and Horn.

It match with VOTOL controller well.


5. Vehicle wiringharness

One set including following kits:

1. 1pcs X 4p 72V 40A Relay

2. 1pcs X 72V to 12V DC-DC Converter, 10A

3. 1pcs X Flasher

4. 1pcs X Electric Lock Ignition(Blue or Silver Color Ship Randomly)

5. 1pcs X Vehicle Wiring Harness

Pls note: Votol -2 series controller without anti-theft function, so cannot match with one button to start kit, only electric lock ignition