Swincar Mecanroc

Swincar Mecanroc
Swincar, the pleasure of electric mobility in harmony with nature. The 4WD SWINCAR e-Spider is a new way of driving, great for all types of environment - hills and valleys, snow and sand. With the silent running of the SWINCAR e-Spider you can enjoy nature, leaves rustling, the insects and birds, the wind in the grass. The SWINCAR e-Spider is gentle, as it dances over the surface of our beautiful but fragile land. The SWINCAR e-Spider is hugely enjoyable, accessible to everybody, easy and safe yet incredibly agile.
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Model: SWINCAR e-Spider

Curb Weight with battery: 225 kg 

Battery: 4kWh batteries built into the chassis

Motor: 4 wheel drive provided by 4 individual wheel motors, Rated power 4kW (peak> 12kW)

Speed: 30 km/h

Maximum torque: 340Nm

Hill Start: > 50%

Range: 4h battery life in hilly ride with 1000m of ascent

Charge time: 2 h图片46.png


Electric vehicle analysis due to request

Electric power train: hub motor, controller (customized) and throttle.