About Us

SiAecosys is an union of manufactories in electric driving industry, and belongs to Taizhou SIA Trading Co., Ltd that set from QS Factory in 2013year. Currently, more than 80 top factories join SiAecosys, and they are willing to provide customized products and service for international customers who has passion in e-scooter/tricycle/car industry. 

SiAecosys focus on organizing member factories together to customize specific e-driving system solution and products for different requirements from customers in the world. Nowadays, SiAecosys has more than 5000 customers from the world and more than 40 customers send inquiry every day.

SiAecosys has sale department, Technology department, Quality inspection department, general accounting department, purchase department and after-sale service department. 


SiAecosys History

2000 “Quanshun Aluminum Co., Ltd” Product: Wheel rim, aluminum mould.

2003 Quanshun Vehicle Accessories Co., Ltd Products: Aluminum wheels, motor covers, supplier of Bosch.

2006 Quanshun Motor Co., Ltd Products: 500w-14000w BLDC motors.

2013 Set up “Taizhou SIA”, start to expend international market and offer e-driving system.

2018 Set up“SIAECOSYS”league, more than 80 top suppliers join in us. More than 5,000 customers from abroad, more than 40 customers send inquiry everday. 200 dealers and stores in China.

2019 Plan to set up after - sales service site oversea.


Brand Concept

SIA with new energy industry  as Pioneer in civil technology, we are climbing technology tower for mankind.

Either the base or the spire represents SIA highest masterpiece.

Company Culture

SIA Philosophy: Do things with heart and Change the world.

Team Culture: People oriented, Make concerted efforts to achieve self-realization.