TFT H6 color display speedometer and 72V 100A SVMC72150 Sabvoton Motor Controller kits with bluetooth adapter

1pc X Sabvoton SVMC72150 motor controller (customized for H6 speedometer)

1pc X TFT H6 color speedometer display 

1pc X PAS

1pc X Bluetooth adapter

It’s newest TFT speedometer with various functions, which suit for Sabvoton controller communicate via UART,e.g. temp display of motor, energy consumption (KW/H),

Product description

1. Sabvoton 72150 motor controller (customized for H6 speedometer) 

Product Description of Controller

控制器.jpg1. Generally SPEC

1). sine wave controller, programmable, with regen function

2). DC Current Limit: 150A

3). Max. Phase Current: 350A

4). Protect Phase Current: 450A

5). Battery Voltage: 24V-72V rated, Max. 95V

6). Including one controller

controller-drawing.jpg7). controller size: 247mm*146mm*62mm

8). Net weight: 2kg

9). Default including bluetooth adapter.

10). Default function: Hall, Throttle, Electric brake, High Brake Level, speed switch

11). Special functions: Waterproof

PS. Please note there is no temp sensor for motor.


APP Picture



2. TFT H6 color speedometer display


· 3.2 inch color TFT screen

· 48V/60V/72V power supply

· Shutdown leakage current <1Ua

· Supply controller terminal operating current 100mA

· Normal operating temperature of the instrument -20~65°C


5 (1).jpg4 (1).jpg2 (2).jpg


1. Battery display: 5 segments of power indication, the voltage value of each segment can be set according to customer requirements;

2. Speed mode: real-time speed RT SPEED, maximum speed MAX SPEED, average speed AVG SPEED;

3. Speed display: display range 00.0. ~ 99.9, unit Km / h km per hour, MPH miles per hour;

4. Assist gear position: 0~9 files, of which 0 gear is neutral and no boost, 1~9 corresponds to boost gear, and P is displayed in 6Km push mode;

5. Headlight display: displayed when the headlights are on;

6. motor temperature: monitor motor temperature in real time;

7. Mileage mode: cumulative mileage ODO, single mileage Trip

8. WH.KM: the controller power consumption ,wh/km 

9. Motor temperature.

10. Regen Ah:Cumulative Ah while controller in regen mode .

11. Clock: Built-in battery, user set up;

12. Clock: Built-in battery, user set the year, month, day, hour, minute and second.


LCD display instructions



Bracket conversion ring optional specifications:Φ22.2mm


3. PAS

Made of steel material, durable and reliable.
Mount on electric bicycle pedal, easy to install
1:1 power assist, make cycling easier and funnier.
Suitable for most of electric bicycles.


4. Bluetooth adapter






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