Cost effective 1200 watt 48 volt 25kph electric rickshaw tricycle 120 PMSM dc motor conversion kits

For 120 1200W PMSM motor kit assembly, it could be used for electric tricycle, which could be 48V 25KPH.

e.g. E rickshaws for passenger

E-tricycle weight, approx 250kg+450kg

Tire diameter: 0.4668 m 90/90-12

Speed: 48V 26km/h

Gear ratio: 1:13

Climbing slope: 12°@700kg

Battery: 48V115h lead-acid battery

One set including below kits

1. 1pcs X SIAECOSYS 120 48V 1200W PMSM Differential Motor

2. 1pcs X Gearbox 1:13 (customizable)

3. 1pcs X Rear axle: Customizable due to drawing

4. 1pcs X EM4850SP 12 mosfet sinusoidal wave motor controller (CAN-BUS avaiable)

5. 1pcs X DKD LCD speedometer with standard CAN-BUS

6. 1pcs X Throttle 

7. 1pcs X DNR Gear switch

Key Features

1) Light weight and small dimension compare to hub motor

2) High performance benefit from flux weakening

3) High effeciency during climbing, and better acceleration  

4) Support regenerative braking

Product description

Item: SIAECOSYS 120 1200W DC PMSM Mid Drive Differential Motor


·Motor Type: PMSM Differential Motor With Hall Sensor

·Matched Tire: 90/90-12

·Rated Power: 1200W (2400kW peak in few seconds) 

·Rated Voltage: 48V

·Speed: 3300RPM basic,4400RPM with flux weakening,  

·Max Torque: approx 26N.m

·Max Efficiency: approx 95.2%

·Continuous Battery Current: 30A (48V)

·Peak Battery Current: 55A (48V)

·Working Temperature: 70-110℃ , peak 120 ℃ 

·Single Hall Set with waterproof connectors

·length of motor hall and phase wire, 950mm as default (out from motor)

·Waterproof Grade: IP67

·Color: Black 

·N.W./G.W.: approx 4.7/5.7kg  

·Package Dimension: 31cm*24.5cm*19cm/piece, 43cm*33cm*20cm/3piece  

Produce time:

For sample, 12-13 business days after receiving payment (for sample).

For mass production, approx 30 business days after receiving payment and confirming spec, depends on MOQ. 



motor drawing.jpg

Power train test Report:


2. For Gearbox

·1:13 ratio

For less than 600kg, we suggest to choose 1:10

For 600-750kg, we suggest to choose 1:13


3. For Axle



Drawing (customizable)

axle drawing.png 

4.Votol EM4850SP motor controller with standards CANBUS


5.DKD LCD speedometer with standard CAN-BUS

It display D N R, P, S gear, and battery current X5/10

主图 仪表.jpg 

6. Throttle 


7. Gear switch

Include D N R three gears


Please noted: 

Optional appearance, drawing, performance curve/test report are available. 

If you need more technical information, please feel free to contact us.

We will give you reply in 12hours.

Application for 120 48V 1200W PMSM Differential Motor 

120总成 应用.jpg