Electric bicycle motor kits 3kw 80kph

1pcs 3kw spoke hub motor

 1pcs 19*1.6inch front wheel rim lacing

 1pcs 19*1.6inch / 18*1.86inch / 18*1.6inch/ 17*1.6inch rear wheel rim lacing (please advise which wheel rim size and spokes color prefer when place order , other will be 19*1.6inch default)

 1set disc brake assembly

 1pcs controller sabvoton svmc72150

 1pcs single speed freewheel

Motor SPEC:

Motor Type: BLDC Permanent Magnet Outer Rotor InWheel Hub Motor With Hall Sensor

Brand: QS Motor,QSMOTORMotor

Design: Double axle without rim (not integrated), 36 spoke holes, OD 4.2mmIMG_3423-抠.jpg

Matching Rim size: 24inch, 26inch E-Bike Wheel, 17inch, 18inch, 19inch moped wheel.

Magnet Height: 50mm, 16 pole pairs

Stator: Aluminmum Core

Rated Power: 3000W (could be 14000W peak in few seconds)

Rated Voltage: 72V as default (48V-96V, optional)

Speed: 80KPH as default (24-120KPH, optional)

Winding: 24X5T(60KPH), 30X4T(80KPH) as default

Max Torque: approx 182N.m

Max Efficiency: 86-91%

Continuous Battery Current: 52A (72V)

Peak Battery Current: 104A (72V)

Suggest Peak Phase Current: 196-245A (depend on the kV)

Thermic Probe: KTY83/122 (as default, optional)

Working Temperature: 70-120℃ , peak 150 ℃

Brake type: Bike Disc brake, PCD6*44mm(as default)

Drop-outs/Rear Fork Width for installation: 150-154mm14mm english thread length for single/3 speed freewheel10mm axle flats

Dual Hall Set with waterproof connectors

10mm⊃2; Cross Section of Phase Wire (not include insulation layer)

Hall Sensor Phasing angle: 120 degree

Waterproof Grade: IP54

Color: Black (as default), White/Luminous (extra $5.0)

N.W./G.W.: 12.5kg/14.0kg 

 Package Dimension: 34cm*34cm*33cm/piece


Controller SPEC:                                                                                                                            

1). sine wave controller, programmable, with regen function                DSC06267.jpg

2). DC Current Limit: 150A

3). Max. Phase Current: 350A       

4). Protect Phase Current: 450A                       

5). Battery Voltage: 24V-72V rated, Max. 95V

6). Thermic Probe: KTY83-122              

7). Including one controller + USB convertor cable + matched plug               

8). controller size: 247mm*146mm*62mm                                  

9). Net weight: 2kg                                                                         

10). Default  not including bluetooth adapter. (extra USD15 for bluetooth adapter)

11). Default function: Hall, Throttle, Electric Lock, High Brake Level, Temp sensor, 0-5v e-brake, three speed Button, Hall speedometer, Reverse, curise.

12). Special functions: Waterproof, Anti-theft (without it as default)


Disc brake SPEC:

1. Model: 152PYD+BS152IMG_1306.jpg

2. Including 2pcs 203mm plate, PCD6*44mm, 2mm thickness                                                                                                                         

3. The length of oil of both front and rear can be customized according to your e-bike(900mm for front, 1600mm for rear as default)

4. Callipers: double-piston 2*21mm

5. Installing Distance of front tire: 74mm(as default) or 51mm

6. Installing distance of rear tire: 51mm

7. Wiring: two core wiring

8. Materials: Caliper/Lever Forged aluminum, Bracket: Cast aluminum

9. Current: 1A (max)